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As a service to you, our colleagues and friends, we are now publishing a series of articles and informative publications relating to all areas of training in Botox, Aesthetic Fillers, Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Removal, and all other areas of Medical Aesthetics. Enjoy!

When Considering Training In Botox and Aesthetic Fillers

The decision to become trained in Botox and Aesthetic Fillers is often motivated by two things – money and time.

Clinical medicine, although tremendously satisfying, can become routine and somewhat dull when it is practiced in the same manner for months or years. In addition, the income potential for traditional medicine is steady . . .

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Why Train At Dr. Martin's Medical Aesthetics Clinic?

Dr. Deborah Martin has been educating physicians in the fields of Botox, Fillers, Sclerotherapy, Lasers, Business, and other areas of Medical Aesthetics for more than 10 years. During that time she has amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge, and she has dedicated herself to passing on those pearls to her students in order to maximize their learning experience while helping them to avoid expensive pitfalls. . .

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Using Botox To Bring Out The Real You

It may come as a surprise to some that Botox often has a pronounced positive effect on the emotional well being of the recipient when it is injected accurately and with artistry. We sometimes think that the use of such substances means that a person is simply vain, or that he/she is unwilling to accept the aging process; however, the reverse is quite often the truth.

When Botox is applied with artistry, based on a thorough medical understanding of the musculature of the face, the effect is dramatic, yet still natural in appearance . . .

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The Art of Botox and Aesthetic Fillers

Take a look around any crowded area and observe the people. Then put your mind to work distinguishing exactly what it is that causes such a dramatic difference between the faces of the young and the old.

Basic observation will draw your eye to the grey hair and any physical limitations that time might have burdened upon our elders, but beyond that, what is it that makes the skin of the older people in our society look so different from that of the young . . .

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