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Corporation Status for Business

Question: Do you have a corporation for your aesthetic business? Is it a medical corporation? The answer to this question can have far reaching implications. Recently two situations have come up that illustrate the point.

Doctor A had a corporation (non-medical) for his aesthetic business. The business income was 750,000 with 100,000 income after expenses. He filed corporate taxes and paid the corporate rate – about 17% = $17000. When he was audited, it was ruled that his practice income had to be billed by a medical doctor, not the corporation. So, the CRA attributed the 100,000 income to him personally and taxed him at his personal rate of 40%. As a result, his bill was $40,000 instead of $17,000 which meant that he owed the CRA another $23,000 in addition to the $17,000 he had already paid. Nasty surprise.

Doctor B decided to create two corporations – one for the aesthetics business and one as a true medical professional corporation. Again, it was determined that the income had to be billed by the professional, which meant that the income itself had to go to the doctor’s, not the business. This meant alot of adjustments – first the doctor billed the client for botox, and billed the expenses, then paid the clinic it’s share.

Bottom line – Beware of billing medical procedures like botox through a non-medical corporation. You may not be allowed to do it and if you are investigated by the CRA, your tax bill could be much higher than you thought.

Best to seek out the advice of an excellent tax lawyer who has experience specifically with medical corporations.

Dr. M

Beware of Advertising !

Early last year, I was reported to the College of Physicians and Surgeons by none other than Dr. Stanley Bernstein – the complaint? – Advertising ! The irony of it all…

This was a rather big deal – the CMPA had to get involved. The process dragged on and has only finished now – 18 months later.

Anyway, I was instructed to remove any and all before and after photos as well as testimonials or product brand names from my clinic website. This rule applies to any physician who is working at a clinic, whether you own the clinic or not.

Just a heads up – the College may come knocking at your door if you are not cautious.

Dr. Martin


Martin Matches

How do you find great staff, or find a job after you have taking Martin’s training? Register with Martin Matching!

Dr. Martin has created a matching service that allows us to match up doctors and nurses who have attended training. After training so many hundred medical professionals over the years, we have a developed an extensive network of experts in the field.

If you would like to register, please answer the survey by clicking on the link:


Delegation Policy CPS

Some of you have asked for the links to get the Ontario rules on Delegation and Telemedicine – here you go!

Delegation policy




Be a Movie Star !!

You can Make a Video

Which establishes YOU as the expert in your field.

Teleprompter for Videos – by Dr. Deborah Martin

One of the best things that you can do for your website is to create a video of yourself explaining something – it could be anything pertaining to your business. For example, it may simply be an introduction of yourself and your clinic, or a detailed description of how botox works – the important thing is that your potential customers get to know you and start to understand that you are an expert in this field.

It can be intimidating to just speak ad lib in front of a camera. Instead, consider using a teleprompter and a video camera. A teleprompter is a device that enables you to read the script from a monitor placed in front of the camera lens – allowing you to maintain eye contact with the viewers while delivering prepared comments. It does take a little practice though, to appear as if you are NOT reading the script.

Once you have the video recorded, you need to find someone who can “cut and paste” the footage so that it looks professional, or stay tuned and I will tell you how to do it. :)

One good software option for the teleprompter is “visual Communicator” from “Serious Magic”’ It works really well, but costs about $300. Instead, there is a free solution called “Prompt !”. With this software, you can import text scripts, set the font size of the prompter, the scroll speed, and the control method (keyboard or mouse).

It is easy to use, and a great tool to have. You can download the free Lite version here:


After you play with the software to see how it runs, the next thing you’ll want to do is to set up a teleprompter screen in front of your camera. One easy way is to place a rolling cart with your laptop just under the video camera on a tripod.

Arrange the monitor so that it is as close to the bottom of your camcorder lens as possible without blocking the lens. Do this so the presenter (you) appears to be looking into the camera as the top line is read from the teleprompter. (The further away the camera is from the presenter, the better this will look.) Use a mouse so that you can control the teleprompter, and test it to get the speed of the scroll to best match your style. After everything has been tested, start recording.

To get best results from the teleprompter practice reading the script a few times before adding it to the teleprompter. This will give you an opportunity to fine tune the script and smooth out any problem areas.

Also, be sure that video lights aren’t placed to throw a glare on the screen which would prevent you from reading the script. Use as large a screen for the teleprompter as is available. This will make it easier to read. Write your script in short shooting segments (3-5 minutes) which will make it easier to edit later.

Dr. Martin

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